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  • 3D Modeling
  • Graphic Design
  • Post-Production
  • Editing

aboutusG7 Comics, a division of G7 Design Studio, was established in 2002 by Kenneth Gaynor, Wilson Guillaume and Milton Howell in beautiful Miami, Florida. Being artists their whole lives, they not only had a vision to follow the footsteps of other great Indie and mainstream comic companies, but they also dreamed to include producing animation films from independent creators.

Growing up, these creators would read comics, study animated films and learn from great artists. This inspired them to find their own style of art as well as a purpose behind their storytelling. Dark Child is the first of many projects to showcase their ability to bring a compelling story to life. As the characters navigate through their saga, the readers will find themselves immersed in the unfolding drama featured in this supernatural thriller.

Now expending their brand also in Canada, G7 is having more of a presence on an international stage. With a focus on different styles and genres of comics, G7 plans on becoming a beacon to aspiring artists from every creative spheres.

Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish.